Global Energy

Global Energy Inc. (GEYI) was founded in order to become a world leader in alternative fuel production.
The company's goals are to find, develop and deploy for consumer use unique and ecological alternative fuel technologies.

Global Energy intends on developing energy processing plants utilizing a proprietary technology called KDV, developed by Alphakat. This technology can convert different types of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into mineral diesel oil.

The KDV technology incorporates low temperature vacuum processes with a special patented catalyst and high-speed turbine. This process converts and distillates waste materials, which contain hydrocarbons, into high quality mineral diesel oil.

The focus of Global Energy’s activities in this sector will be building and operating a series of energy processing facilities to produce diesel from MSW, oil residuals, refinery wastes and biomass. Global Energy will work with local partners, which will include companies with the ability to supply large quantities of the required waste.

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