Sivei Hadarom Power Plant

Sivei Hadarom Power Plant Ltd. is in the process of building a power plant at Sivei Hadarom industrial zone site.

The power plant will implement a Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) technology based on a Gas Turbine. The power plant's capacity will be up to 14 MWe, up to 3 steam ton per hour and up to 800 cooling ton per hour.
Sivei Hadarom power plant is located at the south of Israel, approximately 50km from Jerusalem.
The power plant will supply all electricity and energy consumption of Sivei Hadarom  and other industrial consumers. Any surplus electricity will be sold to other electricity consumers via the IEC grid.

Sivei Hadarom (Industrial zone):

Sivei Hadarom gin mill is located near Re'em junction, north of Kyriat Malachi. 


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