Brand Power Plant

Brand Power Plant Ltd. is in advanced process to build a power plant at Brand Metal Industries Ltd. site.

The power plant will implement a Simple Cycle Gas Turbine (SCGT) technology. The power plant's capacity will be 5 MWe and up to 4 steam ton per hour. The power plant will also supply the input for an adjacent CO2 plant.

Brand power plant is located at the south of Israel, approximately 110 km from Jerusalem.
The power plant will supply all electricity and energy consumption of Brand Metal Industries Ltd. Any surplus electricity will be sold to other electricity consumers via the IEC grid.

Brand Metal Industries Ltd.:

Brand Industries Ltd. is located at the Yeruham Industrial Zone and covers a total area of 50,000 m2, including 14,000 m2 of production halls equipped with the most advanced technology and equipment in the world.
Brand Industries Ltd. is a public listed at the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange since 1993.
Brand Industries Ltd. is involved in the design, production and establishment of large-scale steel projects in Israel and abroad, which include the energy, chemical, infrastructures, and construction industries.


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