SPP - Southern Power Plant

Southern Power Plant Ltd. (SPP) is in advanced process to build a power plant at Dimona Silica Industries Ltd. (DSI) site.

The power plant will implement a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technology. The power plant's capacity will be 115 MWe and up to 90 steam ton per hour.
SPP is located at the south of Israel, approximately 100 km from Jerusalem.
The power plant will supply all electricity and energy consumption of DSI. Any surplus electricity will be sold to other electricity consumers via the IEC grid.

Dimona Silica Industries Ltd. (DSI):

Dimona Silica Industries Ltd. (DSI) possesses unique patented technology of production of precipitated silica, glass, innovative asphalt binder and other products that are widely used in different areas (from car tires, detergent, cosmetics to road infrastructure and construction).


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