Global Power Ltd.

GP Global Power Ltd. (Global Power) was formed in 1999. From its first day, Global Power has been active in the infrastructure sector in general as well as in energy, water, sewage and waste, specifically as a leading consultancy and project developer company. It manifests its activity in:

Project development including designing, financing, building, and operating projects in the energy sector, focusing on distributed power projects, high efficiency in general and in energy and renewable energy specifically.

Global Power began its activity in the energy and power generation sector with an investment in Dorad Energy Ltd. as part of its investment in Gmul Infrastructures, Ltd. Later on, Global Power, via Gmul, suspended its holdings in Dorad and remained only as a consultant. Subsequently, based on its investment strategy, Global Power made additional investments in the power generation sector, and today it has a controlling stake in the design, financing, building, and operation in variable projects.


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